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Breckenridge Cemetery personnel to begin cleanup on Feb. 5

Breckenridge Cemetery personnel to begin cleanup on Feb. 5
January 23
09:10 2018

Cemetery personnel will begin cleaning the Breckenridge Cemetery on Monday, Feb. 5. The semi- annual procedure is scheduled to clean the cemetery in preparation for the grass and flower season.

The City of Breckenridge has some new rules regarding the cemetery that must be observed:

    • Rule 18 – No gravel, stone, brick, cement or artificial walks will be allowed upon the lots. No boxes, shells, toys, glassware, trinkets or similar items (other than sleeved vases), except they being attached to the base of an upright monument will be permitted to be placed on any space or lot.
    • Rule 19- No fencing, coping, or enclosure of any nature whatever will be allowed upon lots or graves, except cornerstones for lots which must be level with the ground, and made of unpolished granite or bronze to replace markers placed by the City. Initials allowed on only one corner.
    • Rule 21 – Solar lights are not permitted.
    • Rule 22. – Flower saddles allowed on upright stones only.
    • Rule 23 – No benches, chairs or like items shall be permitted on any space or lot. The placing of flowers on a space or lot shall be in a sleeve-type metal container or hanging from a “shepherd’s hook” type hanger. Only one flower arrangement per space will be permitted. The planting of trees, shrubs and bushed will not be permitted without prior approval.
    • Rule 24 – For the following special dates, floral arrangements cons1stmg of blankets (maximum size 4-by-6-feet), easels and potted plants may be placed on grave sites three days before through three days after the date, except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, which will be five days before and five days after:

Easter Sunday
Mother’s Day
Memorial Day
Father’s Day
Fourth of July
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

At the expiration of the third day after the special date, if the individuals involved have not removed the decorations, the cemetery personnel have been instructed to remove them and not to keep them over 30 days. The City reserves the right to remove any plant, tree or shrub should the same become detrimental or unsightly.

    • Rule 29(c) – Any temporary marker that has been in place longer than 90 days will be removed.

For more information concerning the cemetery, call the cemeterian at 254-559-2075 or the City Offices at 254-559-8287.

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