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City Commissioners finalize new Breck Trade Days policies

City Commissioners finalize new Breck Trade Days policies
January 03
12:24 2018

During their first meeting of the new year, Breckenridge city commissioners approved the second and final reading of a new ordinance making changes to the operating policies and procedures for Breck Trade Days.  The first reading of the ordinance was held at the Dec. 5 meeting.

The new business model created by the ordinance change was recommended to commissioners by City Manager Andy McCuistion. He made the recommendations after he spoke with the show’s vendors and met with the Chamber of Commerce.  One big change under the new rules is Trade Days will now be held monthly on the third Saturday of each month. The first show under the new operating model will be Saturday, Jan. 20.

During his City Manager’s report, McCuistion told commissioners they had a better turn out at the last Trade Days on Dec. 16 because of the chili cook-off held during the event. “Everybody seemed to enjoy that,” he said. “I got a lot of positive comments on that.”

He said in the city of Canton, which has a successful Trade Days and where McCuistion had served as city manager, their Trade Days attendance was based 100 percent on the weather – or even the weather forecast – for both vendors and shoppers.

“So, depending on what the forecast is, or what the weather is, will depend on how many show up,” he said. “We’re hoping it starts off on a good note.”

Waste Water Treatment Plant Improvement contract

During the meeting, commissioners also approved a change order for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements contract with Texas Water and Soil Co., Inc.

Project Manager Colden Rich with Enprotec/Hibbs & Todd, Inc. told commissioners that the cost reductions covered in the change order brings the scope of the work for the project closer to the budget for the project.

According to a copy of the change order provided by the city, the original contract price for the project was $1,795,681. The modifications to the project listed in the change order reduce the contract price by $801,921, bringing the cost for the project down to $993,760.

According to Rich, the modified price still leaves the costs of the contract roughly $30,000 over the $936,000 available to pay for the project. However, he said, because the project will take a year to complete, the $30,000 would not have to be paid until after the project is completed, allowing the city time to get reimbursed for other projects before they have to spend the extra funds.

The change order still has to be approved by the Texas Water Development Board before construction can move forward.

USDA RUS Loan Resolution

Commissioners also approved the adoption of two USDA RUS Loan Resolutions for the city’s storm and drainage projects and the city water and sewer system projects.

McCuistion said the two resolutions were related to the Parks Street project and were part of a requirement to get funding for the projects.

ADA Coordinator appointment

Commissioners also passed a resolution appointing Breckenridge Fire Chief Calvin Chaney as the American Disabilities Act coordinator for the city, authorizing him to draw up a plan to make sure all cities offices are in compliance with the ADA.

Chaney, whose department already performs building inspections for the city, said they will survey city-owned buildings with public access for ADA compliance. They will then put together a plan to correct any deficiencies and the date they will be corrected. The survey and plan, which is required to receive federal funds, must be complete by Jan. 16.

Upcoming city lot sale

McCuistion also told commissioners that the city now has about 18 lots that will be auctioned off in an upcoming sale. He said the city is having signs made to be placed on the lots, telling people they are for sale by the city and a phone number for people to contact. He also said they will be putting out information about the sale on their website and in the media.

Story by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan

Cutline, top photo: Project Manager Colden Rich (right), discusses the details of a change order to the City of Breckenridge Waste Water Treatment Plant Improvement project with city commissioners during the first meeting of 2018. Rich is an engineer with Eprotec/Hibbs and Todd, Inc., that is coordinating the project for the city. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

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