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Tax office begins mailing out voter registration cards

December 06
15:24 2017

The new voter registration cards are being mailed out to registered voters beginning today, Dec. 6. The new ones are yellow, similar to these 2012-2013 cards, and will replace the blue cards that were mailed out two years ago.

The Stephens County Tax Office began mailing out the new voter registration certificates today, Dec. 6.  New certificates are mailed every two years to all registered voters.

The new certificates are yellow and are valid from Jan. 1, 2018, through Dec. 31, 2019.  They replace the blue voter registration certificates, which will expire on Dec. 31, 2017.

Voters are encouraged to check the information on their new certificates for accuracy and keep the card for upcoming elections. Corrections, if necessary, may be made on the back of the card, which should be signed and returned to to the Stephens County Tax Office.

Any person who has moved, had a name change or been previously registered in Stephens County and does not receive a new voter registration certificate by the end of this month should contact  the local tax office.

Voters whose cards are returned as undeliverable to the tax office will be placed on the “suspense list.”  Voters placed on the list are subject to having their voter registration cancelled if their records are not updated within two federal general elections.

For more information, call the Stephens County Tax Office at 254-559-2732 or visit the office in the courthouse. The tax office has a page on the county website at and can be found on Facebook by searching “Stephens County Tax Office” or looking up the userneame @stephens.taxoffice.

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