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Kindergarten class celebrates Thanksgiving with tradition

Kindergarten class celebrates Thanksgiving with tradition
November 21
06:39 2017

Students in Rowena Cyprian’s kindergarten class participated one of East Elementary School’s most time-honored Thanksgiving traditions on Monday, performing a program about the first Thanksgiving. The kids in her class have performed the program each year for nearly two decades.

For the program, she splits the class into two groups, with some dressed in Pilgrim costumes and others dressed in Native American costumes. The costumes for this year’s play were made by Instructional Aides Ashley Hayworth and Cammy Pierce.

During the program, the students sing songs, and between the songs, they take turns going up to the podium and reciting a verse about the first Thanksgiving.

Cyprian said preparing for the program teaches the children to memorize verses and to speak in front of an audience. It also builds their self confidence, she said.

“It just makes them feel good about themselves after they have accomplished memorizing their verses,” she said.

When preparing for the program, Cyprian said, they study the story of the first Thanksgiving. She said they talk about the Pilgrims sailing to the New World, and in their echo reading program, they study the Native Americans.

“It makes them be more appreciative and more thankful of their blessings,” she said.  “They’re just excited. They are eager to learn; when they learn their parts, it’s like a light bulb comes on. They’re so happy.”


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Story and photos by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan


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