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Four injured, one jailed in Friday night stabbings

November 04
12:44 2017

Two incidents Friday night, Nov. 3, left four Breckenridge residents with stab wounds and the suspect in the Stephens County Jail, according to the Breckenridge Police Department.

Ben Carlos “B.C.” Acosta, 34, of Breckenridge was arrested Friday night in the 500 block of West Walker Street, the second of two stabbing scenes. He is facing six charges:
• Aggravated assault-family violence with a deadly weapon – a first degree felony;
• Three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon – a second degree felony;
• Assault on public servant – a third degree felony;
• And, resisting arrest or transport – a Class A misdemeanor.

According to a statement released by the BPD, the police first became involved in the situation at about 7:30 p.m. Friday when they were called to Stephens Memorial Hospital in reference to a 38-year-old female with a stab wound to her abdomen. According to information from the BPD, the victim was not able to give full statement at the time officers spoke to her, and she was transferred by ambulance to a hospital in Abilene.

However, BPD began an investigation into the incident and developed a suspect for the incident, initiating a search for Acosta, who is in a dating relationship with the victim, according to the statement and BPD Lt. Bacel Cantrell.

“That crime scene occurred in the 400 block of North Court Street, but we responded to the hospital on that and then we went back and found the crime scene,” he said. “We’re still talking to witnesses on that one. The only solid report we’ve gotten from witnesses in that area is that they heard an argument between a male and a female. And then she was transported to the hospital by a neighbor or someone that happened to be right there at the neighbor’s house and heard her cry for help and took her to the hospital.”

At around 9:30 p.m., officers were dispatched to the 500 block West Walker in reference to multiple stabbings with the suspect still on the scene. Once on scene at the Allsup’s convenience store, BPD identified the suspect in the assaults as the same suspect in the first stabbing incident.

Injured in the second attack were a 16-year-old male with a stab wound to the upper right bicep, a 40-year-old female with a stab wound to the left forearm elbow area, and a 45-year-old male with multiple stab wounds, including to his right upper abdomen, left arm near wrist and bottom lip, the BPD reported.

“As far as we know, he didn’t know those people or anything; he was just acting out, I guess, in a fit of rage,” Cantrell said. “Witnesses describe him going up there and he was making contact with someone at a vehicle at one side of the pumps. Then, when this other vehicle pulled up, a U-Haul box truck with the victims, he just began stabbing them.”

Cantrell said all three victims injured in the Allsup’s parking lot named Acosta as being the one who stabbed them.

All three victims were treated at Stephens Memorial Hospital for their injuries. The woman and teenage boy who were stabbed at the convenience store were treated at the local hospital and released.

The 45-year-old man was transported by ambulance to a hospital in Abilene. BPD has said that they have requested updates from the Abilene hospital on the two victims who were transported and that the first female victim was admitted in the hospital for her injuries.

“We called over this morning, and they said that the one female had been admitted. We’re not sure if the male was just treated and released there or what the status is, exactly, on him,” Cantrell said. “That was about 7 o’clock this morning that we got that information.”

According to the police statement, there were multiple witnesses at the scene and BPD is working to get statements from the witnesses.

The alleged weapon used was a black-and-yellow-grip, fixed-blade, stainless steel blade knife.

After BPD had the suspect in custody, the suspect reportedly fought the officers who were placing him in the patrol vehicle for transport. During that altercation, a BPD officer was kicked in the face, according to the statement. The officer had a mark on his face from the injury but did not require treatment, Cantrell said.

“After they transported (Acosta) to the Stephens County Jail, there was a sheriff’s deputy and most of the jail staff out in the sallyport to get him from the vehicle to inside the jail because he was acting out so much,” he said.

The BPD reports that there is nothing at this time to show the first call at Stephens Memorial Hospital and the second call in the 500 block of West Walker are connected other than the same man is suspected in both stabbing incidents.

According to Cantrell, Acosta is in the Stephens County Jail awaiting arraignment.


Story by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan

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