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August 22
11:16 2017

During the week of Aug. 14-20, the sheriff’s office had 43 calls for service and served nine sets of civil papers.

August 14

  • Deputies executed a warrant of arrest at a home in the 1800 block of U.S. Highway 180 East on a 29-year-old male for felony aggravated assault. This stemmed from a crime on March 31 where the S.O. took the original report, submitted it to the district attorney’s office, where a grand jury indicted the suspects about two weeks ago.  The second known suspect also has an unserved identical warrant.

 August 15

  • A theft of a saltwater pump from an oilfield tank battery site located on CR 283 was reported. The saltwater pump was stolen between Monday, Aug. 14, and Tuesday, Aug. 15.

August 16

  • Three firearms were stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked at a house on CR 229 in the middle of the night. Ammunition and other items were also stolen from the vehicle.  The sheriff’s office would like to remind the public to always lock their vehicles and do NOT leave valuables inside them.

August 17

  • The second of two rod and reels that were stolen approximately a month ago from the Village Inn area of the lake were recovered by the S.O. There are two known juvenile suspects. One has been issued a citation, and the other’s is forthcoming.  Both rod and reels have been returned to their owner.

August 18

  • The same 35-year-old man that the S.O. arrested last week for possession of methamphetamine and marijuana in a drug free zone in the 1300 block of E. Walker was arrested again on a felony warrant for burglary of a habitation stemming from a break in reported on CR 229 approximately two weeks ago. Some of the items from this burglary were returned to their owner.

August 20

  • Two of the three firearms stolen off of CR 229 referenced in the above vehicle burglary were recovered by Tulsa Police Department in Oklahoma. Details are forthcoming.

Note: Calls for service include but are not limited to: 911 calls, proactive contacts, non-emergency calls, registering sex offenders, serving civil papers, transporting prisoners in and out of the county jail, court security, etc.

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