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City of Breckenridge under boil water notice until Friday
August 16
20:32 2017

The city of Breckenridge is under a boil water notice until at least Friday.

According to Breckenridge City manager Andy McCuistion, an eight-inch water line near Ridge Road broke and drained water from two of the City’s water towers.

“There’s no valves to cut the water off, so we’re trying to fix it ‘hot,'” McCuistion said. “It’s about an eight-inch line, and we’ve lost water in both towers.

He said they are hoping to have the pipe repaired by late this afternoon and start bringing the water back up into the tanks. He said after the repair is completed, they will have to take samples of the water and send them to a lab in Abilene to be tested, which take will 24 hours . He said, if there are no problems, they hope to take the boil water notice off by Friday.

He said they don’t know what caused the pipe to break but that it had a split in it. “It didn’t look like it was in that bad of shape but it had a split in it,” he said. “Part of the line was corroded on the outside. It could have been against a rock or vibrated on an rock. I’m not sure.”

McCuistion said they cut about a six- to eight-foot section out of the pipe and as part of the repair were installing a cut-off valve.  

“At least we will have one isolation valve and know where it is,” he said.

By Tony Pilkington



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