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BISD ‘Fill the Bus’ continues as school start nears
August 13
05:50 2017

Local citizens have the opportunity to help Breckenridge families with school supplies by participating in the Fill the Bus collection campaign.

Breckenridge Independent School District will accept donations of school supplies through the beginning of school, Thursday, Aug. 17. The donated supplies will be used to assist students in need. BISD also will accept monetary donations that the district will use to purchase supplies for the students.

“My plan for the elementary schools is to have their supplies on their desk at Meet-the-Teacher, so I’m hoping the get them out Monday and Tuesday,” said Molly Johnson, director of curriculum and instruction for BISD. “We will have the supplies for the junior high and high school ready on the first day of school.”

Donation boxes are located at: the BISD Administration office, First National Bank, Interbank, Walmart, CVS, First Baptist Church, First United Methodist Church, St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Bethany Baptist Church, First Christian Church, New Life Restoration Church, the Lighthouse Church, and ABC Printing and Office Supply.

Anyone who misses the Thursday deadline, Johnson said, is welcome to bring donated supplies to the school district office, 208 N. Miller St., all year. “January, that’s when everything needs to be replenished,” she said. “At any point, if you want to donate anything, just bring it by my office and I will get it to the campuses that need it.”

While the schools and students can always use a variety of supplies, Johnson said they have already received donations of the basics, such as crayons and glue.

“We’re good on a lot of things, and we still need a few things, like earbuds,” she said. “They don’t have to be the expensive ones; they can be inexpensive ones. We have so many computer programs, so the students can just plug in with their personal earbuds. They are used in the classrooms and computer lab.”

She said they also need Kleenex, GermX and baby wipes. “And pencil boxes. I didn’t get very many pencil boxes,” Johnson continued. “We can always use composition note books. Glue sticks are always useful throughout of the year, because that’s what we always run out of. You would be surprised how fast they go. If you don’t work in a classroom, you don’t understand how fast those things will go.”

The complete list of supplies that are needed most this year includes:
3-inch, 2-inch and 1-inch binders
Wide-ruled notebook paper
Wide-ruled spiral notebooks
Composition notebooks
Poly folders with brads only
Glue and glue sticks
Black, blue and red pens
Pink erasers
Pencil cap erasers
Pencil sharpeners
Scissors (child and adult)
Dry erase markers
Subject dividers
3×5 index cards
Construction paper
Manila paper
White poster boards
Pencil bags and pencil boxes
Ziploc bags – quart, snack and gallon sized
Kleenex tissues
Baby wipes

If you or someone you know is in need of school supplies for the year, contact the counselor at your school. To sponsor a student, call or visit ABC Printing for details.

For more information, call Johnson at 254-522-9600, ext. 6004, or contact her by email at

By Tony Pilkington

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